The solution for the Misinformation Crisis

I know how to tackle the misinformatiom crisis on social media.

It’s pretty easy. Hear me out.

First step: you form a council of scientists. They meet regularly in meetings. Let’s call them „worldwide council of Rome“. Every local community of scientists sends a representative to this worldwide council. It could be located in other cities around the world.

Second step: The council chooses a head of the worldwide scientists community.

Third: The council chooses a body of the most important scientific books, let’s say 60-70. You could call it the canonical scientific library.

Fourth: The council then tackles the most important scientific questions through declarations that were formed in the worldwide council meetings. Those declarations consist of positive statements of truth and negative statements of denial of falsehood.

Six: Eveyone who wants to participate in the scientific dialog has to adhere to those stated truths that have always been believed in the scientific community worldwide and represent the basic scientific truths.

Science Books have to get an official imprint from the council to be used in universities etc.

And every scientist who diverges from the truths in the canonical Library or the declarations will be declared an outcast.

If you do it this way you can rightfully talk about „The Science“™ because you would have an secured and reliable pool of scientific knowledge …

Originally tweeted by Karl-Peter Karzelek (@kpk_eu) on 5. December 2022.

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